Give your feedback!

Questions? Is there a word or concept not covered in the Kiitra lexicon? Give your feedback below, and I’ll work on it.

Many thanks!

4 thoughts on “Give your feedback!

  1. Riikha!
    Having recently picked up Lamikorda, I fell in love with the culture and language of the Alplai. However, most posts about Lamikorda seem to have been made about a year ago. Have I missed the only time at which this will be discussed? Mr. Merrill, if you ever check back here, please leave a little reply. I am already deeply studying Kiitra grammar and vocabulary. I am simply looking to validate the effort that I have already put in by knowing that there is at least one other person who cares.

    • Riikhaa!
      I appreciate your feedback, and the effort you’re taking to learn the Kiitra language. If you purchased Lamikorda through Amazon, please consider posting a review. It’s reviews that generate interest, and sales! And if you think of any ways to expand the Kiitra lexicon, feel free to send them along.
      Degjaa zura,
      D. R. Merrill

  2. Riikha hirajnashaijaat!
    I have created a Twitter account to help spread the word about Lamikorda available @tuulgejnai . Wanted to make sure that you were ok with this. I noted in the bio that it was a fan-run account not supervised or operated by you. Also, I wanted to check to see if you had ever talked with the people at the conlangery podcast. They have an opportunity where the opening to the podcast can be said in any conlang. Great way to advertise Kiitra and Lamikorda, right?

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